10 Ways a Woman Satisfies Herself while her Husband/Boyfriend is away | Discuss

10 Ways a Woman Satisfies Herself while her Husband/Boyfriend is away | Discuss

At times, even the happiest of couples have to be apart for a while, whether it is for a business trip, vacation or other reasons.  When the hubby is away, it doesn’t mean that a woman’s sexual appetite shuts down.  So what is a woman to do?  Here are the top ten ways a woman may look to satisfy herself when her husband is away.

1. Many wives have a dildo stashed away just for those occasions. A little toy, even a bullet can allow a woman to reach her climax and keep her satisfied while Mr. Man is away.

2. If she doesn’t have a sex toy at her disposal, she may opt to use her fingers. While this may seem like the “old fashioned” way, they will get the job done!

3. During those lonely nights, the wife might be feeling sexual and want some stimulation. The visual effects of pornography might be just what she needs to satisfy that sexual urge. Being able to watch the sexual act of her choice may be what keeps her juices flowing while her sweetheart is away.

4. There are some women who may not take to pornography, but enjoys curling up with a good steamy novel.  Whether it is the 50 Shades of Grey trilogy or a harlequin romance book, these books work their plots around descriptive sexual experiences which can keep her company during those lonely nights. And may give her ideas of things to try when her husband returns.

5. If the husband is able, sometimes all the wife needs is contact with HER man.  A Skype or phone call can do wonders to satisfy a woman’s emotional and sexual needs. Sometimes, the only person who can fill that lonely space in her heart is her very own husband.

6. Never underestimate the power of a good body pillow. When the woman is missing something to hold on to, a nice pillow may do the trick.  She can wrap her arms around this pillow and close her eyes and dream of her man all night.

7. If the relationship is less than perfect and the woman is feeling restless, she may decide to find another man to fill the place of her hubby!  While this is not the best choice form a moral standpoint, having that warm body close to you as a substitute for your husband can be equally as pleasurable.  Let’s face it, for some women; the time apart is their “hall pass” time!

8. Sitting down with a nice box of chocolate may be as satisfying as sex according to some people. I would warn you though, chocolate is often considered an aphrodisiac, and so if you eat too much, you may also gain a sexual appetite.  The wife might gain weight as well.

9. Some women look to another woman for that when her man is away.  Whether it is for company, friendship, someone to talk to, or a little more intimate.  Having that BFF come over may be the ideal distraction from missing her husband. If it gets any more intense than a friendly evening, the husband might be jealous that he missed out.

10. This time apart may be the “vacation” a woman needs from her hubby. This might her chance to get a good night sleep.  Spread all over the bed, not worrying about snoring, or having him take over the bed. She might be satisfied, just by getting the sleep that she so desperately needs.  

There are many coping mechanism for missing a loved one who is away.  Some women are dedicated and know how to suppress their appetite, while others see it as an opportunity to walk on the wild side.  Remember the saying, when the cat is away, the mice will play.  Either way, I am sure that once he returns the woman will be all smiles because after all he is the hubby for a reason!