Aidonia Looks To End The Year On A High Note

Aidonia Looks To End The Year On A High Note

Aidonia is looking to end his musical year on a high note.

The 4th Genna deejay pleased fans over the weekend when he dropped two brand new bangers titled Finessing” and Big Baller (Benzema).

Aidonia, whose given name is Sheldon Lawrence, returned from a noticeable musical hiatus with a bang this weekend as he dropped two scorching new singles that already creating a buzz on the Dancehall scene.

The singles, which are both produced by the deejay’s own 4th Genna Music label, see the deejay tackling familiar topics of women, stunting, and his lavish lifestyle as a Dancehall superstar.

When yo see the lime green Balenciaga refreshing, me a no the salad me a the dressing, give thanks everyday fi me see blessings, In a gal thing me a the legend, me no f*** no gal weh belong to me bredren, the deejay brags in Finessing.

According to sources close to the entertainers camp, the deejays musical output has slowed down in recent months as he has been busy touring but say he has since returned to the studio to work on his upcoming album.