Charly Black, New Music Video ‘Love Every Woman’

Charly Black, New Music Video  ‘Love Every Woman’

Charly Black is professing his love for every woman.

The Diamond-selling artiste Charly Black teams up with Sky Star Music for a feel-good single which serves as a tribute of sorts to every female, regardless of complexion, race and size.

“Lately, we a hear a lot about women and how some a dem feel about how dem look, and we just wah do our part as artiste fi make dem know dem nice anyhow. The female dem always make me feel nice. Ever since me buss inna 2007 until now, a dem represent for Charly Black, so me did affi represent fi dem like this,” Charly Black said. “I want dem to know dem look good, whether dem black, chiney, white, purple, pink; cuz without the females, Earth wouldn’t feel so nice.”

Meanwhile, Charly Black who recently signed a deal with Universal Records, is gearing up to release the first single off the album he’s supposed to drop with the international music label.

Watch Charly Black “Love Every Woman” Official Music Video Below.