Marlon Samuels Releases Debut Single


International athlete, Marlon Samuels is sharing his entertaining side with the world, through his alter ego, “Icon”. The catchy track titled, “sextillionaire” (Supa Rich) is set to be the baller’s anthem of this summer.

Sextillionaire has been getting excellent reviews since its premiere. Many have been wondering what is it’s definition and curious to understand the song’s true meaning. The feedback is that many are surprised that the athlete had hidden lyrical skills.

According to Icon, Marlon Samuels, “I have been entertaining, singing and performing for my friends and family since I was a child. I have always been a fan of music growing up and part of that social scene. It feels normal for me to be at a studio. I have close friends that are apart of the music industry and I’ve gotten used to the setting.”
“I chose to release a summer song, as it is positive and upbeat, which is a reflection of who I am. I wish for everyone to be happy and enjoy life. As a role model my intention is to encourage the youths to think bigger and reach for greater. There are lots of levels, why not aim at being a sextillionaire. That’s a different level of riches; try being a millionaire to the sixth or even seventh power, be an icon.”

Currently the entrepreneur is planning the debut music video for the song as well as the release of his very own fragrance also called, Sextillionaire, that will be in stores soon. Keep up with Marlon “Icon” Samuels by following @mnsamuels on Instagram , Youtube and VEVO.