Mavado Failed To Report To Police For Questioning

Mavado Failed To Report To Police For Questioning

Dancehall artiste Mavado did not acquiesce to the ultimatum handed down by the Jamaica Constabulary Force to turn himself in by midday Wednesday.

The entertainer’s lawyer, Tamika Harris said the musician is overseas fulfilling a contractual obligation and did not ignore the request by the police.

"I explained to the police that Mavado had a prior contractual obligation and that he wasn't aware that they had an interest in talking to him because he had gone to make a report at the police station two days ago,” Harris told Loop Jamaica reporter Claude Mills.

“He is a musician, he has to do shows and the police bulletin gave the impression that he had been given an ultimatum and had chosen to ignore it,” she added.

Harris said that Mavado will return to Jamaica “as soon as his obligation is complete” but gave no definitive timeline for his return.

Mavado is wanted for questioning in relation to the flare up of violence in the entertainer's Cassava Piece, St Andrew community. Police have detained the star's teen son, brother and other relatives at the Constant Spring lock up.

"Five of Mavado's family members have been detained, so I spoke to Deputy Superintendent Karen Salmon, and was told that they will be interviewed tomorrow in the presence of myself and Pierre Rogers regarding two murders in the Cassava Piece area. Peter Champagnie has also been retained to handle the case," Harris said.

She revealed that the minor, if he is released, would be supervised by a close relative as the minor's mother, like Mavado, is also overseas.

Mavado was reportedly involved in a physical confrontation which led to him being shot at on Saturday. The police have a man in custody in relation to that shooting but he is yet to be charged.