Most beautiful landscape in the United States

The United States is among the biggest countries in the world and it offers a wide diversity of land and cityscapes from deserts to sparkling skyscrapers. Some of the best places in the United States that offers a magnificent landscape are listed below.

Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
This is the oldest national park in America and it is considered to be among the most magnificent place to go in the US due to its diverse landscapes and magnificent seasonal colors. You are going to find almost everything here from the bright blue and yellow geysers to lush green alpine meadows. It is best to come here early in the summer which is when the wildflowers bloom and also to see the gangly bighorn lambs.

The Golden Gate Bridge
You may not find any other bridge in the world that is going to capture the imagination of many people as this bridge. You are going to be amazed by the bright red behemoth which stretches across the Golden Gate Strait that helps to separate the Pacific Ocean from the San Francisco Bay. The bridge is not only magnificent, but it is also a magnificent feat of engineering as the American Society of Civil Engineers also named it as one of the Wonders of the Modern world. It is quite hard to make the bridge so bright as about 38 painters are employed constantly for touching up places that are corroded.

Arches National Park
You are going to find mind-blowing geological structures across the American Southwest thanks to the millions of years’ erosion, but you are not going to find one as mesmerizing as the stone arches at Arches National Park. The rock is all sandstone and it features an orange glow which looks so different based on the light conditions in the area. The park can be found in Eastern Utah just outside of Moab. Environmental conditions still have some effects on the arches as about 43 have fallen since 1977. So as to limit the effects of humans, there are varieties of arches that you can only see from afar.

The Blue Ridge Parkway
This is a scenic highway which was built originally to connect the Shenandoah National Park with the Great Smokey Mountains National Park. This highway is among the most visited unit of the national park service since the end of WWII. The parkway is so magnificent and you can visit it on your own even if you are not planning to hike the trails in the parks at the end of the highway. You are surely going to get mind-blowing views of the Appalachian mountain from the scenic ride here. It is best to come here in the fall for a unique experience as the mountains are lit with oranges and yellows and it looks like they are on fire.

The Grand Tetons National Park
This national park can be found just miles away from the popular Yellowstone National Park. The park covers the major part of the Teton Range and it is named after the highest point called Grand Teton. This is a magnificent place to go as nature lovers due to its undisturbed ecosystem which houses hundreds of plants and animals that make the park their home before humans. This is also a great place for trout fishers as it is the only place that you can fish for the Snake River fine-spotted cutthroat trout.

Hamilton Pool, Austin, Texas
Austin is a city filled with numerous swimming holes and the highlight of them all if the Hamilton Pool. To get to the pool, you will have to go on a quarter-mile hike through the forest. The pool was created when the dome of an underground river collapsed into the water below. When exploring the pool, you will find an overhang that was left by the dome that features a waterfall that runs over it. The water is crystal clear, cold and refreshing and the pool has enchanting scenery with the varieties colors of trees, rocks, and moss surrounding the water.