Most dangerous bridges in the world

There are wide varieties of dangerous bridges and they can be found from the depths of forests to the height of the skies. There are numerous criteria for deciding whether a bridge is dangerous or not like its narrowness, poor material used, or old construction. Although there are numerous bridges that are magnificent and safe to cross, there are still some parts of the countries that lack the presence of safe bridges. Some of the most dangerous bridges in the world from the dilapidated rope bridges to sky-high suspension bridges are listed below.

Trift Bridge – Switzerland
This is among the most dangerous bridges and magnificent pedestrian suspension located on the Alps. The Trift bridge was built in 2004 and it was reconstructed in 2009. The bridge is 100m high and 170m long and can be found above the region of the Trift Glacier. To get to this bridge takes effort as you will take a cable car in Meiringen and then a gondola rides. You will then have to go on a strenuous 1.5 to 2 hours’ hike to get to the bridge. The bridge is considered not too safe to cross because there is a poor level of security as there is no protection on the two sides, not even a rope for support.

Langkawi Sky Bridge- Malaysia
This bridge is a 125m curved pedestrian cable-stayed bridge located in Malaysia and it was completed in 2005. To get to the bridge, you will need to take Langkawi Cable Car to the top station where you can then take an inclined life also referred to as SkyGlide to the top station then the bridge. This bridge was closed in July 2012 for maintenance and upgrading.

Foot Bridges – Pakistan
This bridge looks like the playground for the children and it is hanged high with poor suspension and built using poor material. Once you get to the bridge, you are also going to see that the support for the bridge is extremely weak. It is best not to go through this bridge unless it is of paramount importance.

Musou Tsuribashi Bridge – Japan
This is a Japanese bridge and among the most dangerous bridges in the world. Musou Tsuribashi Bridge was built in 1950 and very narrow, the bridge features poorly constructed boards with ropes for support. The bridge is crossed by thousands of people every day and if you are planning to cross the bridge, you should think about it very well as it is a terrible experience.

Aiguille du Midi – France
This bridge can be found in France and it is best not to try and cross this bridge if you are suffering from heart disease. The bridge is very narrow and it is 12600 feet high above the sea level. Although the bridge has support from its two sides, its height is so terrifying for anyone that has a fear of heights.

Vine Footpaths AKA Bridges – Japan
This bridge can be found in Ivy Valley in Japan and the bridge was made in ancient time for the warriors and refugees for protecting their territories. The bridge can be found over the Iya River and located between 13 inches from the two sides of the mountains. The bridge is so narrow that it terrifies crossers that try to go over it or tourist with lack of posture balance.

Marienbruecke – Germany
The Marienbruecke Bridge can be found in Germany and this mind-blowing but dangerous bridge is built close to the Bavarian Alps and it connects the cliffs of two sides with each other. If you look at the bridge from the first sight, you will think that it is properly structured but it is not. Once you step on the bridge, you are surely going to get a nerve-wracking sensation.