10 Fall 2019 Fashion Trends from New York Fashion Week

New York Fashion Week tends to set the mood for the rest of the year, and 2019 is no different.

While the trends for this fall are largely in line with what you would expect – warmth, comfort, and understated elegance – there are a couple of emerging things we think you should know about.

That’s why we’ve compiled 10 trends for fall 2019 from New York Fashion Week for you to review.

Here are 10 fall 2019 fashion trends you need to watch out for:

10. Suits

A tailored look is in this fall and suits, whether casual or professional, are the order of the day. Think tight, cinched-in looks with complex layers and subtle, contrasting patterns between mainstays and accessories. The key here is combinations of things rather than any single item.

9. Jackets and Dresses

The ultimate in feminine preppy looks is back in style this season and that is a long, flowing jacket paired with an elegant dress. Really, the sky is the limit as far as combinations go but think English countryside and comfort more than tight and form fitting.

8. Neons

The 1980s love affair with neons is back, but in a much more tasteful way. If you thought neons couldn’t be done in an elegant fashion, think again.

7. Tweed

Starting to notice a trend here? Classics are in and there’s nothing more classic and universally preppy than tweed. Tweed jackets, patterns, everything – you name it, if it is tweed, it is in style this fall 2019.

6. Dark Floral Patterns

Floral patterns have not really gone out of style for years but this fall expect darker colors to be on display. Not only does this result in bolder looks but also allows for some unique experiments with color combinations.

5. Dramatic Outerwear

Think combat boots, surplus wear, and thick, weatherproof jackets. Here, the trend is towards dramatic cuts and excess fabric to create the effect of a true statement piece.

4. Cheetah/Leopard Spots in Unique Modes

These never seem to really go out of style but the modes you are finding cheetah and leopard spots in for the coming fall 2019 season are innovative and unique. Think furs, jackets, accessories – nearly everything you can imagine is being given some kind of spot treatment. Always an elegant and classic look, it is also a wardrobe piece that will come in and out of style over the coming years so you can truly splurge on a statement piece here and not worry about it growing stale. It’s pretty much a forever classic.

3. Metallics

Remember when Regis Philbin popularized metallics with his ties on Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Those tones are back in style but in a much larger application. For women, think full-length metallic dresses or blouses and skirts. Want to make a statement? Show up to an event wrapped in gold and we promise that someone will notice.

2. Utilitarian Chick

Jackets and outerwear with functionality built in are all the rage this fall. You don’t need to sacrifice storage space for fashion and you can keep all your gadgets on you without anyone noticing.

  1. Lace

This classic, demure staple is coming back in big, bold ways this fall 2019. Think full lace skirts and tops alongside lace accessories, shawls, and scarves.