Will Smith Revealed that He Feels Sexy After Playing Ginie in Aladdin

Will Smith

Will Smith will be seen in the classic tale of Aladdin. He revealed that he was quite nervous in the beginning but now he feels quite confident about the success of the film and the Ginie role is quite a turn-on character according to him.

“I was feeling sexy about myself as the genie. I felt sexy about myself,” Will said.
He further added that he would like to be a Ginie in his real life too.

He said: “This movie has a lot of really great ideas that I love and the concept of the Genie, somebody whose whole existence is dedicated to helping people find themselves and create the lives that they want, that aspect is almost the purest definition of love.

“So for me playing the Genie – you’re always looking for something that you can connect to with a character that’s authentic – that devotion and dedication is what I aspire to with my life.” 

But he admitted the fact that the role he played wouldn’t be close to what Robin Williams played in 1992.
“The genie will say anything or do anything, there’s a certain madness to the genie – that was the fun that Robin Williams created so I was trying to find what that meant, with a little more of a Fresh Prince twist to it.

“I wanted to create something that was both nostalgic but also had a little bit new school sometimes”
Aladdin is slated for May 24 and people are already going berserk about it as it has become the most hyped film of the year.