Outdoor Exercises | Motivate yourself and Enjoy the benefits

We constantly hear from multiple sources that a proper diet means 80% of a healthy lifestyle. Despite knowing that eating healthy is of great help to our health, we must also remember the importance of exercise, especially outdoor exercises.

This 20 % that everyone talks about is actually much more important than we imagine. A healthier lifestyle includes running from sedentarism and leading an active routine. As well as a proper eating habit.
This is why is this blog we will discuss the benefits of Outdoor exercise and how it can help improve your health and strength.

It is free and offers a great experience
Gyms are expensive. A lot of people actually give up on the idea of having an acting lifestyle because they assume that a very expensive gym subscription is needed.

However, doing outdoor exercises is completely free. You can just choose a park close to home and walk for a few minutes every day. Not only that, having an outdoor experience can be extremely relaxing.
Some people just simply can’t enjoy the gray walls of a gym and the limited space. Being so, having the opportunity to work out while breathing fresh air and seeing the outside can be a much better experience.

Helps to fight depression
Many studies discuss the fact that doing outdoor exercise is better for your mental health than doing exercises at a normal gym. The reason might be the fact that you are also producing more Vitamin D when you are outside.
This can end up helping your mood and make you feel better during the day. Outdoor activities are also important to reduce anger. And are also superior in improving your overall well being compared to a gym work out.

Can give you a Boost of confidence
According to a study by Barton and Pretty released in 2010, working out for sections of even five minutes is enough to give you a self-esteem boost.
This benefit can be noticed especially when you are surrounded by green areas and in contact with nature. Again, it seems like it is good for our body to be surrounded by a natural landscape. Compared to the hot and small gym, enjoying the sun (Or rain!) while working out seems to be a better choice for our happiness and confidence.
Some of the outdoor exercises listed as important to boost self-esteem are walking, running, fishing, horseback riding, and even gardening.

Stronger Immune System
Doing outdoor exercises can also help us become stronger. Studies show that spending about 30 minutes outside and close to nature can help fight high blood pressure.
There is also plenty of research in regards to the benefits of being surrounded by nature while you exercise, which is called “Green exercise”.

The habit helps you feel better, stronger, healthier and stimulates the body to protect itself against diseases and infections. You will also burn more calories, which will be great if you are trying to lose weight.
This happens because once we are outside our body is under more stress, according to the temperature outside and even change in terrain. This doesn’t happen inside a gym so you will end burning much more calories while doing outdoor exercises.

The Bottom Line…
If the fact that it is completely free isn’t enough of a reason for you to start doing more outdoor activities you must also know that it can actually be extremely beneficial.
Outdoor exercises are related to improving health, self-esteem and a better mood. It also helps with fighting depression and other health problems such as high blood pressure.
You might start small, doing a few minutes daily until it is completely part of your routine. Then you can start to enjoy all of the benefits the activity can provide.