Top 5 Sunglasses to Get Your Hands on this Summer

Summer is here and it’s time to put your favorite shades on and hit the beach! There are many different kinds of sunglasses, according to different face shapes and suiting different outfits, to rock many styles. To ramp up your accessory collection this summer, we have gathered the top 5 sunglasses to get your hands on this summer.

#1 Vint and York “Ibiza” Mirrored Sunglasses:

These absolutely gorgeous mirrored sunglasses by Vint and York are just what you need this summer to look not only classy and effortlessly dressed up but also quite attractive when going out on a sunny day.

#2 Acne Store “Library” Sunglasses:

Step out in these funky, pastel shade sunglasses by the Acne Store this summer. This pair will be your perfect style partner to a lively, daytime pool party, matched with bright and prints both.

#3 Persol “649 Original” Sunglasses:

Calling out to those who love all things vintage, this one’s for you. This pair of quirky sunglasses by Persol, brought back from the 50’s will show that you have an amusing taste for style.

#4 Valley Eyewear “DB” Sunglasses:

No matter what the season, the classy black, large-sized sunglasses never go out of style. Work the classy look this summer season with a pair of these timeless and gorgeous sunglasses by Valley Eyewear.

#5 Prada “Retro Cat Eye” Sunglasses:

For the chic, retro diva, these zany sunglasses by Prada is a gift sent from the heavens above. Own and show off your eccentric style with these alluring cat eye sunglasses.

You know what summer is about! Yes, parties and celebrations and outings with your friends, And dressing up for all these occasion with the coolest summer fashion. Stay trendy this summer with these top 5 super cool and classy sunglasses that you need to get your hands on!