Beyonce and Blue Ivy bring out thair inner Lion King at the wearable art gala

The award-winning singer, wife to Jay Z and mother to Blue Ivy Carter went all out this past weekend in a lion king inspired outfit and she didn’t fail to put her daughter (Blue Ivy) in the mix of it all. The Grammy award winner attended her mother, Tina Knowles Lawson’s, yearly wearable art Gala which held in Santa Monica, California this past Saturday night in a glittering gold cat suit which featured a lion’s head on the frontal.

The full body suit includes a mane made up of gold feathers and a long gold colored cape which sweeps from her shoulders down to the ground. She really came donned for the occasion as she the theme for the year was – A JOURNEY TO THE PRIDE LANDS. Beyoncé looked astonishingly gorgeous in the ensemble that was designed by Georges Hobeika, and this was shown by the throngs of paparazzi and media personalities that trailed her all through the event.

Her daughter also did not fail to join in on the fun as she followed in her mother footsteps. Blue Ivy was spotted wearing a yellow dress with very colorful details. She also wore a matching traditional African headband with her hair made up in buns, large beautiful earrings, and cute little heels to match. A video making its rounds on the internet also featured Blue Ivy singing along to “Circle of life” a track from the lion king animation, to the delight and amusement of an on-looking Beyoncé.

There’s no doubt that Tina intended to influence her daughters dressing with the theme of this year’s gala night. With Beyoncé just concluding a lead role in the yet to be released Lion King movie as Nala- Simba’s love interest, the theme was a definite dead-ringer for her. The gala night also had in attendance, Bey’s old bandmates at destiny’s child – Michele Williams and Kelly Rowland, Daniel Kaluuya-of Black Panther, Tiffany Haddish, Steve Harvey Star Jones and MC Hammer. Also, in attendance were Bey’s husband-Jay-Z and Tyler Perry who showed up to pay some respect to Tina.

Beyonce’s mother was also in her elements as she spotted a black feathery raven-like flowing dress with her husband Lawson spotting an African king inspired regalia just like in the black panther movies.

Though the red carpet came alive with glitter faced models strutting their stuff to an applauding audience none of it came close to the allure and glamour that Beyonce and Blue Ivy brought to the party. They were the cynosure of eyes and true enough they broke the internet again just that one Saturday!