Best travel destinations for under $1000

You can travel with your family, friends and loves ones to explore the beauties of the world. Of course, international travelling is one of the best ways to explore the world. However, most of people don’t consider international travelling due to their limited budget. If you are one who is looking for travelling destinations without breaking the bank, you are in the right place. Today, we will tell you some great destinations which you can visit within $1000.

San Juan, Puerto Rico
Puerto Rico is a US territory which is surrounded by waterfalls, lands, and mountains. It has thousands of natural places which are just amazing. Its capital San Juan has small islands, beachEveryone loves travelling but not spending thousands of dollars on international trips. es, and historical areas which will give you a great traveling experience. You can get very cheap flights to San Juan, especially on weekends. The average travelling tour to San Juan will cost you around $800 to $1000.

Key West, Florida
If you are a water lover and love exploring waterfalls, lakes, and rivers, Key West must be your first choice while consider travelling destinations. It is an island city in Florida which consists of several waterfalls, lakes, rivers, and pounds. A lot of travelers come here for scuba diving, swimming, and other water activities. It is also affordable when you are travelling to and staying in Key West.

Berlin, Germany
Berlin is another great place to travel. The best thing about Berlin is its historical places and museums. If you love visiting historical sites and museums, you must go to Berlin. The nightlife here is fantastic. The restaurants, clubs, and streets are live all night, and you can explore different traditions here.

Big Sky, Montana
Big Sky is a mountains community in Montana. High mountains and hills cover it. Along with the mountains, you can explore several parks and wildlife here. Another great thing about Big Sky is its rivers and waterfalls. You can enjoy a lot of picnic points and resorts here. From flights to resorts, you can surely visit this place within $1000.

Lima, Peru
Lima is the capital of Peru, a country in South America. It has plenty of restaurants, cafes, resorts, clubs, and bars. It has rich city life with a lot of things to explore. You can appreciate various types of foods and beverages here. So, if you want to enjoy a beautiful city within $1000, Lima is the best place for you.