Seth Meyers Goes Day Drinking With Rihanna “Very Funny”

Rihanna and Seth

So last Wednesday, Seth Meyers missed his show Late Night with Seth Meyers. Why you may ask? This is because he decided to go day drinking with award-winning music star and actress Rihanna.

This was actually a montage for his show and it was shot at the Jane hotel in the West Village for his Thursday night episode.
Seth who played bartender started the show with, ”I am such a huge fan of yours”. “I am now going to make a series of drinks based on some of my favorite songs. That is the level of service we provide here”, he informed her before he went on to whip up some drinks for her.

First on his menu was – Under my Rum-brella, which the host made with Rum raisin ice-cream, Rum and some drink umbrellas. The music star laughs as she gulps down the mixture while commending his skills. He went ahead to also make –Diamonds in the Rye, made with rye whiskey and almond milk, Bitch better have my bunny, was also in the list. Then he capped it off with – We found Veuve in a Hostess place, this part was made with Veuve Clicquot and a twinkie which was capped as the most disgusting drink made on that episode.

Seth Meyers then persuades the music star to play a drinking game with him which involved her trying to remember the occasions and places she had to wear different outfits. Though tipsy, the singer proves to Meyers that she still had a sound memory, leading the host to take various swigs of the drink.

The night wore on as Seth asked her for a makeover using her Fenty beauty products which obliged him to. Rihanna gave him the summer eye which Rihanna did with teal paint eyeliner across his face.

The host also tried some pickup lines on the artiste like, “Excuse me, are you the girl from battleship?” and “What’s a nice boy like me doing in the city without his parents” which Rihanna laughed hysterically at but commended him on his efforts.
The show ends as Meyers begins to dance and sing to Rihanna’s “Work, work, work, work, work”. Which brought the show to a close.

Earlier in the day, Seth Meyers had posted a picture which Rihanna took of him on Instagram with the caption, “Tonight it happens- Day drinking with Rihanna. I’d show you a picture of her but I know what you really really want to see is this picture SHE took of ME at the end of the day”. On her twitter, Rihanna wrote, “not funny @sethmeyers make sure you do not miss this episode TONIGHT starring 2 complete disasters….on @latenightseth”
He has also gone on to discuss how he convinced Rihanna to day drink with him with Variety and he was ever so excited as can be seen from the way he chatted excitedly with the interviewer. You can watch the show on youtube if you missed it.