Kim Kardashian show her complete faith on mediums

Kim Kardashian

Kim Kardashian is a real goddess in her real life, no matter how much glamour and glitter she has added in her life she is still very real when it comes to issues like health and education.

As we all know she was diagnosed with Skin Condition in 2011 is not expanding her treatment to the world so other people could also get benefit from it.
Recently, in Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim seek help from Anthony William.
In the presence of her sister Kourtney, she shows William a blotchy red Psoriasis flare-up on her left leg.

“When it gets to my face, there’s a problem,” she explains.
William has Kim stand up, and summons spirit as he begins waving his hands all over her body.

“Just going through every organ, looking for the problem,” he explains. “With you, it’s definitely the liver. You have really high deposits of copper… That’s a dermatoxin, so that’s a poison that’s floating to the skin.”

“Celery juice is gonna neutralize that copper,” he says. “Your psoriasis will start going away, and that’s why I want you on it.”

Many people consider William as the originator of ‘Global Celery Juice Movement,’ a movement which encourages people to drink 16oz. of celery juice on an empty stomach daily which can reduce their skin problems, fatigue and migraines.

Kim has always been an inspiration for women all around the globe, she has always preached the message of being comfortable in owns skin. She herself posted pictures of body when she was first diagnosed with skin allergy.