Fruits to eat that help you look better

Winter pomegranate still life with low key lighting

Aging is a natural phenomenon that we cannot get rid of however, it can worsen when you don’t take care of yourself. You might just start to look dull, with a dry skin, developing wrinkles in just your mid 20’s or tend to look tired, restless like as if your sick. Yes! It does not feel good at all. Now this can all be gotten rid of with just the right type of diet. That’s right, the right type of diet with the right amount of fruits can do wonders for your skin.
Here are the top 6 fruits to help you get that youthful, healthy and glowing skin

Avocados are commonly used to maintain your skin and your overall body to make you look better. A lot of skin care companies focus on launching products including avocado as one of the main ingredients. This is because avocado is rich in healthy fats that perform a lot of function in which, one of them is maintaining a healthy skin. As per studies, it even includes components to protect your skin from sun damage like avocado oil. It is a perfect moisturizer which includes vitamin A, B, D and E, perfect to protect and heal your skin form sun damage.

Lemons, rich in vitamin C, are of the best components to make your skin fair and glow. It includes a natural bleaching agent, that removes all the toxins from your body and helps you get rid of hyperpigmentation and dark spots.

Just like lemons, oranges are also rich in vitamin C and are very good for your skin. They just not only help your skin look young, healthy and beautiful but also help in removing body fat. It is antioxidant which means, it will help in prevention of skin damage, oxidative damage, DNA damage, helps in lowering cholesterol, and gives you a healthy immune system so keep drinking orange juice and see the difference.

Winter pomegranate still life with low key lighting

Pomegranates are an excellent fruit when it comes to making you skin look good. They have higher number of antioxidants which helps you reduce inflammation, treat acne, breakouts and dark spots. It even helps delay the signs of ageing, giving you overall healthy and beautiful skin.

Banana has turned out to be the recent trend in not just improving your skin, but also your hairs. Itself along with its peel offs are an excellent source to remove acne and pimples on your skin. It even works as a conditioner to make your hair soft. It even helps in constipation problems. You can not only get benefit from it while eating, but also by applying on your skin and hair.

Green Apples
“An apple a day keeps a doctor away”, well they don’t say it for nothing. Apple with itself comes with a lot of benefits to help improve the overall look of your skin. Since apples are full of antioxidants, they help fight wrinkles, improving an elasticity of your skin and making it look younger. It provides natural sun protection and helps fight acne.