Royal Meets Hip-Hop at the Lion King Premiere

Movie lovers have looked forward to the release of Disney adaptation of the 1994 blockbuster ‘The Lion King’ with bated breath. The heightened anticipation is partly due to the mouth-watering cast. The star-studded cast includes Beyonce Knowles, Donald Glover, Seth Rogan Billy Eichner amongst others.

The premiere in the UK had a lot of prominent guests in attendance. Prominent among them were Prince Harry and Meghan Markle  Duke and Duchess of Sussex. The British Royal couple met up with Hip hop power couple Jay-Z and Beyonce on the red carpet. Fans have been immensely excited by the meeting of the world-famous couples. That singular meeting is one of the major flash points of the night.

Beyonce and the Duchess had their time together while their men had their own ‘talk.’ Meghan and Beyonce shared a warm embrace with the later making pleasant remarks about Megan’s new baby. Jay-Z and Beyonce have a link to the Duchess dating back to the time they posed in front of her portrait instead of the Mona Lisa to commemorate the black history month.

Jay-Z who is a father of three – including Blue Ivy who was the narrator in the Disney Blockbuster remake – was kind enough to give the Duke some advice on marriage and fatherhood. The Duke and Duchess are parents to two -month – old Archie.

While Beyonce and Markel have a mutual friend in tennis star Serena Williams, they have not been known to be close pals. The two of them have come out on different occasions to support the tennis star.

The other stars that graced the premiere include Elton John, Pharrell Williams, Maya Jama, Ella Eyre to mention but a few.

Lion King opens in theaters on July 18th.