Zendaya’s many fashionable dress style

When it comes to Oscars, or golden globe or met gala or any other red carpet, the names in Hollywood try their best to look good. Some inspire us while others disappoint us. Since 2015, when Zendaya entered an Oscar with Vivienne Westwood gown, flaunting her flowing dread locks, we have been looking her up for the fashionable dress styles she comes up with because this is a sure fact that she comes with a style, as best of its kind.

Here are one of the best red-carpet styles Zendaya came up with;

White color combination outfit in American Music Awards
In 2013, she was just a baby, not yet an adult however, she managed to pull out a look that made her look like a real star. Her looked included” A white one-shoulder top, sky-high heels, and Disney princess hair”. Her look was classy yet remarkable as if she came from another planet ready to surprise us with her fashionable look.

The Classic look at Governors Awards
While still being very young, in 2014, she surprised her fans with a very classic yet elegant look at the Governor Awards. It was a classic black and white dress, with a bold red lipstick, completing her overall look with her slicked black hair. This proves that Zendaya was a star from the start.

Dreadlocks with Vivienne Westwood gown
In 2015, Zendaya proved herself as one of the best fashion divas out there with a creative mind when she came up on the red carpet with a Vivienne Westwood gown, completing the overall look with dread locks. She looked absolutely stunning in that gown of hers and made some of her fans fall in love with her while others hate her look as of course haters are everywhere. She later indicated to her fans and her haters that the reason to complete the look with dread locks was to show the word that this form of hair is beautiful, powerful, with feel lie of a lion.

Cinderella Gown at Met Gala
One of the best most inspiring looks of Zendaya, revealing the inner Cinderella within her, was when she was wearing a Cinderella gown at the met Gala in 2019, with magical entry, glowing up from bottom to top with the help of a magic wand by her stylist Law Roach, giving us all magical vibes. She even left a glass slipper just like Cinderella. The look included the Cinderella gown, with a black choker, a blue color band, with golden hair and glass slippers.


Armani Privé Gown at Spider Man: Far Home Premier
In 2019, at the premier of Spider Man: Far home, Zendaya once again impressed her audience, revealing her inner spider man by wearing a bold yet fashionable outfit. It was an Armani Privé Gown, with the red sequins on the top and black sequins, for covering the skirt. Her backless dress completed an overall look with straight silky hair and back Christian Louboutin heels.