How to match a lipstick with your personality

Have you ever wondered why physical appearance matters a lot? It is because it identifies our personality traits to others. Similarly, ladies most favorite item Lipstick, also plays a vital role in their lives. It is not only a cosmetic product with beautiful shades, but also boost their mood through the variety of colors. They reveal our style, our attitude, our fashion sense and of course, our personality.

The love of lipstick colors, says a lot about our moods, our style, our attitude, and our souls. Whether you are the type who loves to glitter her lips, or the one who likes a matt finish, or a metallic look to power up those lips, all these styles defiantly are attached to the lady’s personality, in one way or another.
Here are the ways, you can identify what shade is the one to match up with your personality.

Red Lipsticks
The ladies who love to flaunt their lips with the red shades they go out, are the ones who take pride in the fashion sense they have. They are confident and bold ladies, self-assured to the world. If you love to wear red, it identifies how confident you are in what you do or who you are and are not afraid of the world. It identifies you are passionate being you and love to adore yourself, you are not quite but rather the one who knows how to respond.

Pink Lipsticks
Pink belongs from the red family but a liter version of red. Those who love to wear are romantic in nature and love to be cute, sweet and adorable. It identifies how you like to be all cute and cuddly, love to say “aww”, love kids and animals and love to say “yes” when ever you find something you like such as “food” or “travel” etc.

Peach Lipstick
The peach color is a color to let the world identify, what a kind and generous person you are nature wise. Those who love to wear peach means they respect others, are kind and generous in nature, go with justice, care deeply about those you love and protect them.

Nude Lipsticks
The color nude represents how natural you want to show your self to the world. Those who wear nude lipsticks means they are low maintenance, love to look natural, warm in nature, and confident. They do not know how to pretend to others or do not like to pretend, and love to look pretty.

Black Lipsticks
The color black represents darkness. Of course, it does not mean that you are a bad person, it just means you like to show the world your dark side. Those who wear black have an EMO nature, they love to be brave, are a bit mature and are not quite easily amused.

Unique Color Lipsticks
Those who love to wear unique colors such as “yellow, purple, blue, grey etc.” are creative in nature. They love to be artistic, with a wild and vivid imagination and love to show the world their creative side. They are free, straight forward, do not know how to pretend or fool someone easily. They love to find uniqueness in everything they do, they are defiantly one of a kind.