How to know if a Keto diet is right for you

Ketogenic diet

Ketogenic diet, probably known as the keto diet, is turning out to be a trend these days to help you look beautiful and young. It is a bit different from the other dietary plans we all make to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is a low carb, high fat diet that helps raising the blood ketone levels. It reduces the carbohydrates in your body and replaces them with fats. When this happens, your body enters a state called ketosis.

Before starting this diet and making it your daily routine, it is very important for you to analyze whether is the right one for you or not. Below are the 5 symptoms to help you know if keto diet is right for you;


Increased Ketones:

Increased ketones inside your body are one of the signs of you being in ketosis. If you are regularly following the ketone diet, then identification of increased ketones is a sign it’s working. Doctors may test it by taking your urine or breath tests. Doctors may even take your blood samples to identify whether or not you are in ketosis.

Bad breath

A change in the odor of your breath can indicate you are following a ketone diet. While having ketosis, it might be possible for your breath to smell different. People going through a ketone diet might face a sweet or fruity smell of their breath. This is because the ketone diet directly effects your urine and breath. Ketones such as acetone, benzophenone, and acetophenone can contribute to bad breath. People to get rid of the smell tend to chew mint flavored items or brush their teeth several times a day.

Weight loss

The ketone diet, also referred to as the low carbohydrate diet, is studied to help you lose weight for a longer period of time. As per the study suggests, people who follow this diet will lose a lot more weight for a longer period of time then those on a low-fat diet so in turn, the low-carb diet is more effective then low-fat diet so if you are following a ketone diet, you may start noticing a sudden change in your weight but that might be because of the reduction of water in your system as it reduces weight better at a longer period.


As I previously mentioned that the ketone diet reduces weight by reducing water level in your body, this then brings a lot of thirst in you. Your body starts to feel de-hydrated and you quench for thirst most of the times. De-hydration is one of the side effects of following a keto diet. To avoid this problem, drink plenty of water every day and other liquids. If the problem persists, consult your doctor.

Head aches

Head aches are one of the common symptoms of switching your diet routine to a keto diet. This can be due to reducing carbohydrates in your body, dehydration and other electrolytes. The headaches the occur from keto diet are for one week but if it continues further, consult a doctor.

Overall, people following a keto diet may face side effects and symptoms but the best way to determine if it is working on you is to test whether you are ketosis or not by taking breath, blood and urine samples. If It is positively effecting you then it is right for you however, if it is having a negative effect on you then you need to change your low-carb diet.