Ed Sheeran Heading “South of the Border” With Camila Cabello & Cardi B!

Ed Sheeran released new star-studded music video with Camila Cabello and  Cardi B. The singers — who play Teddy Fingers (Sheeran), The Mariposa (Cabello) and Cardi B (herself) — recruit model Alexis Ren as Scarlet Jones and actor/dancer Paul Karmiryan as Agent X for the action-packed clip.

The “South of the Border” video first takes place in a luxurious mansion where Ren slips something into Sheeran’s drink, casting a sleeping spell on him before blindfolding him and tying him to a chair in the library. There she finds a prized ruby necklace secretly locked away in a book, and it goes onn and onn, Beware if you head “South of the Border”

Take a look at the video below