The Best Movies on HBO Now and HBO Go Right Now, Ranked

What are the best movies to watch on HBO? Subscription signing services are the fastest growing sector in the entertainment landscape, but before Netflix, Amazon Prime and Hulu came to light, premium cable companies like HBO offered consumers a way to watch movies and TV shows without ads for a month. HBO rate does not allow people to optimize their market share, now HBO allows people to subscribe to a full online version of their service called HBO Now, after fans have requested such an option. For years currently, cutting the cable is the best way to convert many people, especially people with a younger pop culture. Swollen cable packages filled with material there are few people and there are numerous additional charges. However, whether you accept HBO through cable or transmission, the service offers a large selection of movies to pass the time, even if the siding is not as strong as the transmission subscription through a large one.


In 1978, director John Carpenter created one of the most iconic Halloween horrors of Michael Myers. Unfortunately, the franchise that followed was not entirely noticeable, and few of the sequins did some form of justice for the original. Fortunately, this trend changed with Halloween 2018, directed by David Gordon Green, and now available on HBO. A direct sequence from a Carpenter foundation, and Carpenter himself on board as producer and composer, Halloween (2018) who strives to recover Michael’s glory days, even returning Jamie Lee Curtis as Laurie Strode. The result is not as good as the original result, but the best follow-up is easy.


Director Paul Verhoeven is always aware that he has subversive messages with his films, making the films unique. This was greatly extended with its commercially more successful rate, such as Robocop 1987, which was quite popular for filtering a franchise that is still running (and almost completely available on HBO), but it was too large. Most of it is related to absolute attacks on consumerism and capitalism in general. With respect to Omni Consumer Products, nothing comes before profits, and even the murder is not too long to win another dollar. It is good that Robocop agrees with its creators.


One of the most famous films of 2018, BlacKkKlansman earned his Oscar nomination, including the first Best Director nomination for Spike Lee. Although Lee did not win, he shared the victory in the Best Adapted Movie of the film. Based on a true story, BlacKkKlansman meets John David Washington as Ron Stallworth, the first black court in the history of Colorado Springs. Stallworth is trying to understand it first, but quickly discovers that the niche of the Khax Klan group that investigates the hate group is inaccurate. Stallworth gains his confidence by allowing them to be white by phone, with the joint Flip Zimmerman (Adam Driver) officer giving Stallworth for personal meetings. For those who lost it in theaters last year, BlacKkKlansman is the HBO team.

Thank you for Smoking

Jason Reitman, the leading filmmaker, 2005, ‘Thank you for Smoking’ 2005, is a local satire on how powerful corporate lobbying can really be. Aaron Eckhart as Nick Naylor, an alpha men’s lobby that speaks well with the tobacco industry. Cigarettes are, of course, a product that kills its users slowly, lobbying for the best job without moral hanging. Katie Holmes, Maria Bello, David Koechner, William H. Macy and more, the full queue completes this selection of HBO.

The Rundown

While Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson could be one of the biggest stars in the world today, his career was not to act soon. One of Johnson’s first roles as an active competitor for WWE in 2003 was The Rundown, a jungle action movie that is understood as an indifference as an early sign of how it could become. The Rock plays a bar hunter named Beck, responsible for the recovery of Travis Walker (Sean William Scott) from Brazil. Mining manager Cornelius Hatcher has complicated things with Christopher Walken. Arnold Schwarzenegger is approaching in this action / incident now on HBO.

The Hate you give

the critical adaptation of the well-known novel, The Hate U Give, Angie Thomas, 2018 does not make clear the fact that it has a political motivation, with a story that could easily be extracted from many headlines. Starr (Amandla Stenberg) strives to balance his daily life in a mostly white school with his home and the weekend in a predominantly black neighborhood. Starr does not strain without the boat swaying, until a white party has expelled his first friend Khalil (Algee Smith). This means that Starr has the option of maintaining his anonymity or defending his fallen friend. The Hate U Give is a necessary HBO watch.

A Star is Born

the interruption of the awards season, the 2018 relaunch of Coop’s A Star is born, can be largely closed by the Oscar, which only won the Best Original Song, but this does not add great additions to the HBO line. Cooper leads and resolves as Jackson Maine, a successful singer-songwriter who fights alcoholism and the possibility of hearing loss. Lady Gaga plays Ally, an unknown singer who finds Jackson one night at a club, starting with an exciting love and strengthening with Ally.

The bohemia Rhapsody

a clear example of the segregation between spectators and critics, biologically Queen Bohemian Rhapsody was found, obtained good results in the best reviews, but was completely cleaned at the box office. Of course, Rami Malek Oscar would be out for a performance at Queen’s waitress Freddie Mercury, who didn’t sit well with many people who got too big. Bohemian Rhapsody was also controversial due to changes in the Queen’s history. But it is certain that everyone should see it at least once, to discover what the uproar on both sides’ means. For those with HBO, this movie will be yours.