Top 6 Fashion Trends for Women to Adopt in 2020

Fashion is a term loved by all. It is a definition of who you are, what you wear, and what your status is. However, fashion never remains the same and keeps on changing depending upon the seasons as well as our celebrities’ styles and taste since they have a huge following so most of the people start to follow whatever they do.

Changes in fashion and their trends can be quite burdensome and stressful for those who love to flaunt their looks and adopt different fashion styles. For them, it is important to do careful research on what to wear and what is top trending in the current year so they are not left behind.

Here are the top 5 fashion trends for women to adopt in 2020;

The V- style

The Vanessa Valiente style known as the “V-style” is gonna be a good trend in the year 2020, as this is starting to becoming a huge hit. People love bold colors and are gonna go for monochromic looks, pastel looks, and feathers so go for this trend.

Dress or Skirts over pants

People have gotten quite bored for wearing jeans all the time however, jeans never get old. But this time according to the trends, people are going for cute looks by wearing skirts of pastel colors or bright colors or dresses over jeans so this can be quite the trend in 2020.

Belted Bags

Bags with belts are becoming a huge trend as they now seem to be quite adored by a lot of people. So go grab up yourself a good belted bag as they are quite helpful when you go for shopping.

Neon Bright Colors

The neon-bright colors are becoming quite the trend in the year 2019, and we see that they are going to continue being a trend in fact, a huge trend in the year 2020. The neon colors can be used in hair colors, nail paints, lipsticks, shoes, pants, tops, and dress, etc.

Bike shorts

Many celebrities have rocked the look with the bike shorts from the Kardashians to Hailey Baldwin. They have rocked the trend and since you know that whatever they celebrity do, people go for it as well since they contain a huge fan following so go for it too.

Tailored Suits

No matter what you say, but this fashion trend is rarely gonna end as it rocks every time someone adopts it. We see that many celebrities went for tailored suits in films, dramas, shows and of course on social media, so go for this trend in 2020 as well because this trend will continue to live in the next year and maybe many more years to go.


After the above-listed fashion trends, it seems some trends are never going to get old. Fashion is something that keeps on changing especially in women but there is one very important to keep in mind and that is no matter what you wear, you will always look beautiful in your way.